NIGERIA @62: There is Still Hope for a New and Greater Nigeria – Apostle Enyinnaya Okwuonu




In a recent interview with Emmanuel Falodun of the Faithheroes Africa, the Lagos State Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria’s Chairman, Apostle EnyinnayaOkwuonu mentioned that there is still hope for a New and Greater Nigeria because we are here today.

He further elaborated that prior to this time, believers were not interested in politics, but now in Nigeria, Christians are massively involved in the electoral and government processes.

Also he stated that the church is becoming more conscious and aware of their responsibility in having a good governance.

He further emphasized that Nigeria has come so low that the only way out is to start coming up.

The chairman of Lagos State Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria(PFN) Apostle EnyinnayaOkwuonu stated that one of the 10 point agenda of the new National president of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Bishop Francis Wale Oke is the greater Nigeria project, which has been going around the 36 states of Nigeria.

In relation to this, the PFN Lagos State Chapter has already commenced“A New Dawn Agenda” which is an offshoot of the Greater Nigeria Project. This project ensures that the church is involved in every aspect of the nation be it politics, entertainment, education, agriculture and family.It also serves as a synergy of the old and the new generation. The PFN in Lagos State is well structured and rooted to the grassroots.

Also speaking in the interview is the general overseer of God’s Mercy Revival Ministry, Dr. James Akanbiwho said Nigeria has seen better days in the past and there are possibilities for Nigeria to be great again.

Dr. James Akanbi, a seasoned and dynamic father in the Lord expressed that Nigerians have tasted the enjoyment of fantastic days where we enjoyed free education, freedom of religion without hassle, good security, health care, infrastructure service and national wealth.

He further stated it is possible for Nigeria to be the great nation that it was before. He emphasized the importance of prayer in ensuring that Nigeria achievesthe Greater height we all wish for it.

Also emphasizing on the role of prayer, Prophet OloyedeYinka stated the need to intercede on behalf of Nigeria because Nigeria as a whole as a role in Nations. She also highlighted the importance of the old and young generation coming together to take the necessary steps in bringing Nigeria to the spotlight of greatness.

Professor Joe Omeokwe, during the interview, expressed his deep concern on the issues of tribalism and nepotism in the Nigeria leadership sector and encouraged all Christian bodies to come together and embrace the unity of one body in Christ.


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