You Can Do More Than You Ever Thought! (Kindle Edition)

You are created to succeed, made to shine and fashioned to excel.
You have within you all it takes to be great.
You can climb the highest mountain
You can rise from the lowest valley ,you can conquer your greatest enemy, you can win the hottest battle, you can write and pass the most difficult examination .,you can write and pass the most difficult examination .You can go past shame ,ridicule and neglect to glory fame and honour

You can rise and ride above the tide. You can rise from being a job seeker as a salary earner to becoming an employer of many. You can have a wonderful family; you can get back in fold all you have lost.

You can break a new record in your career.
You can become a great influence in your generation.
You can change your world. You can correct the ills of our society.
You can serve the Lord in capacities that others have never done. You can live above sin, you can be a great blessing. You can do the impossible!

Read this book with an open, receptive and prayerful heart and watch your spirit fired up, thus enabling you to do more excellently and brilliantly far above what you ever thought!

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