Eleanor Roosevelt

Life is a journey that is meant to be embraced to the fullest every day. Don’t take it for granted.

Mahatma Gandhi

Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.


Maximizing Opportunities Legitimate Internet Wealth Creation With Wale Olajumoke

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What we do with the knowledge we acquire determines how far we go in life. The Internet has become one of the significant components in life; smartphones, laptops, and many people are legitimately making profits online.

The problem is about something other than money. Money is available in abundance. As we know, money is an exchange of value. The more value you can offer, the more you will be rewarded. Think of the value you can create.

Creating value is about looking for the challenges people are facing and which challenges you can solve. Think of the skills you can acquire to solve the challenges. The more challenges you are about to solve, the more you get rewarded.

Have the right mindset. Believe there is abundance even in the middle of scarcity. If you don’t believe, you won’t act on it; if you don’t, there is no way you can work things out. What you think influences your thoughts, which controls your actions. And the action you take will determine the results you will get.

Another way of creating value is KLT (Know, Like, Trust) fact. As you have the right skills, you need to get Known. The more people know you, the more opportunities come your way. It would be best to get people to Like you because people connect with who they like. People get to like you by sharing valuable content irrespective of the area you are in. As people get to know and like you, build trust with them. How consistent you are with your actions also helps you build trust. You need to be known for creating valuable content.

You can also create value by acquiring skills. Skills such as data analysis, software development, data science, content writing, content marketing, digital marketing, and many others are skills you can leverage both in Nigeria and abroad.


Why do People fail?

Using the acronym FAIL, the following are the reasons people fail:

F- Fear


I-Ignorance. Invest in new knowledge. If you are ignorant, people will leave you behind.

L- Laziness

To sum up, everything, look for new things to do. Don’t do what every other person is doing. And also, note that you can always start your business where you are and with what you have.

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