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Accessing Education In The United States Of America Or Canada Universities

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Studying at a university in the United States of America or a university in Canada has a lot of advantages because the universities have the best knowledge in the world, and they offer the best level of education available anywhere in the world, which makes them the perfect place to study.

In addition, one of the reasons it is easier to study in the United States is that there are a lot of funding opportunities in the USA compared to Canada and other parts of the world. Many professors get a lot of research grants from the government, and when these grants are awarded to them, they need students to work with them on their research projects. Therefore, they are looking for students through teaching assistantships and graduate assistantships.

Furthermore, if you are studying in the United States or Canada, it is a legal way to get your green card.

The requirements for getting into the U.S and Canadian schools include the following:

  1. An International Passport
  2. Your transcript evaluated using WES
  3. A good industrial or academic CV
  4. A good statement of purpose
  5. Letter of recommendation
  6. A good GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score
  7. Medium of instruction (in replace of TOEFLO)



You can apply for fall, and you can also spring. Fall usually starts in August, and Spring generally begins in January.


GRE is Graduate Record Examination. You can write it at any time of the year, but the best time to write it is about two or three weeks before the application closes. GRE value is valid for five years. You can register for GRE by going to www.ets.gre.org and registering via credit card. Places in Nigeria, like Lagos, Abeokuta, and Ibadan. Examples of suitable GRE materials are Princeton, Baron, Manhattan, and many others. GRE is important because it helps the reviewer to have some information about you

  1. We want to know how you can perform under pressure
  2. To reduce the number of applications


When you say you get funding, it’s also a way of saying scholarship. And it entails a Tuition waiver, health insurance, and a monthly stipend. You can get financing either has a Research Assistant or Teaching Assistant.

As a research assistant, you’ll be doing research with the professor. Depending on the professor, Your task includes research work to do and meet with you, maybe weekly or bi-weekly.

A teaching assistantship is such that the student meets up with you, maybe during office hours, to explain (break down) what their lecturer taught them.

The key to securing a graduate placement is a powerful GPA. Some schools give more emphasis to your last four semesters’ GPA.

A direct CV and flawless personal statement.

Extracurricular activities that you are involved in. The strength of your application document is determined by those you are competing with in that application cycle.

Search for the graduate programs that you will apply to ahead of time. Apply to more than one university.



Make sure you know your goal. Try to convince your reviewer that you are interested in this field. Having a small story about something that you want to write about would be an excellent way to convince your reviewer that you are not just someone who is coming to depend on the professor for everything and the level of independence you have can allow you to carry out some detailed research on your own to some extent.

Another thing   reviewer want to look at is how independent the student is. Can you complete your work on time, or will you come in after two or three days telling your advisor I’m sorry I couldn’t finish this? So, your reviewer wants to see how independent you can be. The best way to convince the reviewer is if your referee vouches.





When writing a statement of purpose, you first want to let your reviewer know why you are interested in that school. You want to convince whoever is on that order that you are interested in this degree. Tell them your passion. Tell them what you’ve done in the past. What makes you like that particular program. Your statement of purpose should talk more about your background, research interests, and accomplishments. It should highlight your industry and academic achievements.

Do not send the same statement of purpose to different schools. You need to know that in some schools, we ask separately for a statement of purpose, and in some schools, we ask for Personal Statement. Some schools will ask for both. A statement of purpose is basically about your purpose. Everything has to help convince them why you consider yourself a good fit for that course in that school. A personal statement is where they want you to talk about your personality. Introduce yourself professionally. The personal statement is where you talk about how you’re a good fit for teamwork, independent work, and working under pressure.

Those things can increase your chance of getting admission to the United States.

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