Don’t give up on moving in the right direction despite challenges, for that is the only way to your destination of glory

Excuses, someone said “are the nails used to build the house of failure”

Stop complaining, start contributing. Get up in faith and get going!

Stop looking back; keep your focus on your destination. Start from where you are with what you have today. Never go to sleep without adding value to your life daily. The top is your place!!!!

Overtaking is allowed!

Don’t be bothered that some had gone ahead of you, it does not matter how far ahead they are, ‘overtaking’ grace is available for those who hope in God and refuse to give up.

You surely will recover lost ground, regain lost opportunities and retain all blessing so as to remain a blessing in your generation.

WAKE UP!!! All is not lost, for the loss is for lot more to be recovered. Dream again, pray again, run again, apply again, trust God again, love again, invest wisely again and see great gain.


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