The race is not for the swiftest

Two qualified candidates were shortlisted for the final interview to fill the vacancy of General Manager in a multinational company.”

Both were asked If they could drive and they answered, “Yes”, even though only one of them could drive.

The Head of HR spearheading the interview then handed his car keys to them to prove their driving skills within the premises.

The over-confident applicant collected the car keys, opened the car, switched on the ignition, lighted it up, sped off, swirled, swerved,and made some stunts on wheels before parking the car on the same spot to the seeming rousing applause and knowing smile of the interviewers.

The other applicant who could not drive collected the keys,opened the car, opened the bonnet,checked the engine oil level,the brake fluid level,the gear oil level and the water in the radiator level.

As he closed the bonnet, the chief interviewer walked towards him and said: “Don’t bother driving, you’ve just been hired!”

Moral of the story:
The race is not for the swiftest, but to the wise!

Don’t be brash and overconfident. Learn the ropes and never back off from giving your best even If you don’t possess what it takes. That someone is doing it fast doesn’t mean he is doing it right!

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